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mask making, bead work, sculpture, and ceramics


Stirring within a 3 dimensional tapestry exist fine illuminated strands; dancing, shimmering, pulsating, ever moving, and creating a loosely woven tapestry from fibers of the ever-present past, present, and future. In the unseen fabric that encompasses all movement, relationship, and connection of these strands, resides the cradle of my work and the source of my inspiration. The work that comes to me and from me is a physical manifestation of this dance.

Presently my focus is Mask Work and Sculpture. My work begins with inspiration void of final expectation and is complete when the inspiration is spoken. Working in this open-ended manner affords my imagination the freedom to engage in different expression, direction, and meaning throughout the work as I delve deeper to revealing the more obscure gems my inspiration has to offer.

My work is not embraced by all, as is not my intention. My emphasis is on offering an intimate embodiment of my truth and reflection rather than aesthetic representation or popularity. 


I use a variety of media including several types of clay, bone, wood, metal, shell, glass, and other organic and re-purposed materials in creation of my work. I select materials for each piece according to what manifestation calls for. I encourage dialog between materials to embrace and speak to the spirit of my inspiration. I try to stay as natural as possible and research shops I buy materials from as to the means used in obtaining and producing their products. I incorporate found plant and animal matter in my work with respect and gratitude to the provider.